"The most important thing I learned is that soldiers watch what their leaders do. You can give them classes and lecture them forever, but it is your personal example they will follow."


Michael R. Chism

Post Commander - Navy - Post 2582

Richard J Nelson

Sr. Vice Commander - Navy - Post 2582

Frank E. McKiddie

Jr. Vice Commander - Navy - Post 2582

Emmitt Hawks

Jr. Vice Commander - Navy - Post 2582

Christopher A. Blodgett

Quartermaster - Navy - Post 2582

Robbie Scott Golf

Adjutant - Navy - Post 2582

Dennis L Turner

Surgeon - Navy - Post 2582

William Johnson Sr

Chaplain - Navy - Post 2582

Kevin Beasley

Service Officer - Navy - Post 2582

Gerald P Myers

Trustee - Air Force - Post 2582

Joe Garlitz

Trustee - Navy - Post 2582

Peter J McCall

Trustee - Navy - Post 2582


Leslie Kruger

President - Post 2582

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Vietnam Veterans - Welcome Home!

The United State of America Vietnam War Commemoration is holding a Welcome Home event at the National Mall in Washington DC on May 11th to 13th 2023.

Centennial Celebration

The VFW Department of Virginia is turning 100 this year and we are celebrating across the state with our members. Come join us at one of seven locations with food, fun, music and giveaways.

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Thankful for the Life We Live

WASHINGTON - 'What are you thankful for?' is a common question this time of year. While most would prefer to get straight to the t...

Celebrating Those Who Have Worn the Nation's Uniform

WASHINGTON - For the members the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), as well as the millions of others who have worn the cloth of our ...



The June Post Meeting will be on Tuesday, June 6th. Post meeting will be at 1900 hrs.
The Auxiliary Meeting will be on 12 June
The Post will be celebrating its 85th Birthday on Friday 16 June at 1600. Please join us for cake and snacks.

We look forward to meeting again and seeing everyone.